Keeping up with the Stone's

Monday, February 22, 2010


Sometimes you just get so down and I know right now is one of those times. Hannah is having trouble, not just at home. School is always a good place for her but, she is not doing well there either. As a parent of a child with Special needs you often blame yourself for whatever has gone wrong. And right now I feel so tied up away from everyone. We have come so far and were able to go out in public as a family, now we are separated. Taking turns doing things both of us want to do as a family. Finding someone to watch her is "Mission Impossible". And now Terry wants to enter Garrett in Tee-ball. How can we do something like this??? Not knowing what tomorrow is going to look like?? All of this being said I learned last night (cause I forget time-to-time) the way to ease a troubled heart is the PRAY!! Yes on small word that is so powerful!! So I am asking please help me with this and pray for us, with us. Pray for peace, pray for power. Just PRAY!

Have a BLESSED day!


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