Keeping up with the Stone's

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 1

I have been thinking for about a month that I need to start walking. Well this morning I woke up early and thought "this is the day". So I got dressed hooked up the dog and headed out for our 3:15 am walk.

Wow was it amazing! The world is still mostly sleeping at this time of morning. All but the neighbors dog who was barking a soft bark. Not at all annoying, just a soft sound in the background. The bird family in the tree around the house was very busy tweeting this morning. Dottie and I we were on our way! Down the driveway and on to the asphalt road. Nice little sounds of her claws touching the pavement with a click-clack. Smells of wild roses and honeysuckle along our walk. Even the grass and cut hay smell good at this time of morning. There is a soft breese in the air so it was a nice walk. As we progressed down the road almost to the "turn around" point, I heard a load noise behind me! What could that be, may heart skipped a beat....should I turn around in the darkness to see what that was. As I kept walking away and thought I was far enough from the noise to look I turned to see............a dolphin. No not really, just checking if your still reading this. But I turned to see cattle sleeping near the fence where I was. One had just taken a deep sigh. Funny cause I had never heard a cow do that before. Well we were safe!! I giggled a little in my head and continued on with our walk.

All-in-all it was great I can't wait to do it again tomorrow! Thank you God for the wonderful walk, seeing all your creations!


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