Keeping up with the Stone's

Friday, October 2, 2009

Long Time No Talk

Well it has been much too long sice I have posted any news on here! I wanted to wait till I could get some pictures of vacation up before I posted about that, pictures of school before I posted and so on!!! Well who knows when I will get pictures posted but I will update you a little!!

We went on a great vacation this summer to Padre Island TX. Gary, Rheann, and Kassie went with us. It was so much fun. We stayed the night in a hotel in Victoria TX the first night and drove on in to Padre the next morning!! We stayed at the Island House Condo on Padre Island! While there we played in the ocean, saw many wonderful sunrises and sets, and hunted seashells non-stop!! On one of our adventures Kassie, Rheann and I found Sea Turtles!!! Oh how cool it was to watch them swim all around us!!

I am thinnking the best part was fitting all seven of us and our junk in the mini van!!! HAHAHAHAHA, now those are good times.

First day of school is one I perfer to forget this year. Hannah was in a building outside and well it was just not good!! But now she is in the school with the other children and doing GREAT!!! As a matter of fact she had a phone call last night from a friend at school named Steven. WOW!!! It really surprised me when Terry handed the phone to her. LOL I mean this is not something we ever thought would happen!

I cannot tell you how much that girl has changed!! I mean for the most part she is better than Garrett!!

Now that brings me to another topic: Garrett!! Well we have started homeschooling. He seems to be doing well w/it! There are still days he says mom I don't want to do that! Well on those days we just try to read.

Another change we have here:WE NOW HAVE CHICKENS!!!! I just love them. I have wanted chickens since I was 2 years old. I now we have them. It is so cute to see the kids interact w/them! I also went to the store and bought 2 baby chicks. They will have to stay inside for a couple of months. Something Terry isw not real crazy about, but he does like the way it makes the kids(and me) happy! I just really love him so much!! Well and he has had to do the most work with them. You know building a coop and run for them!! We are so lucky to have him be that handy!!!

Halloween is coming up and it is my most favorite holiday of the year!!! I really don't know what the kids will be this year. I am thinking to let Hannah be a jellyfish, I seen a cute one in the family fun mag. Garrett will either be a monkey or a doctor! But I really don't know yet. Today Garrett and I are putting out all of our fall decorations!!!

The weather here is wonderful. Hope the cooler weather sticks around a while longer!!

Have a wonderfully cool day today!!