Keeping up with the Stone's

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall Fun

My Little Girl Scout raking leaves, she really did more work than some of the other girls!! What a proud mom I am!!!!!

Hannah & I at Girl Scouts raking a sick ladies house for community service. She is picking up the leaves here! Nothice her snake hanging out of my pocket lol!!!

Look at my little clown getting his trophy from his Dad/Coach!! I really don't know where he comes up with these faces sometimes!!

Garrett at his soccer party with some of his friends. He had a great time this year at soccer. Sometimes we did!!! Notice he has no socks on with his shoes off and no socks, I know "Mother of the Year"!!!

This picture is of my niece Joey and Caleb at the school musical SOUTH PACIFIC. I cannot believe those kids can sing that good....who knew??? It was so good I went 2 different nights and wished I could have gone more!!

On Halloween we all dressed up this year!! Man it made the night so much more fun. Terry was a "good time man" with his chest exposed and hair hanging out. He also had a special treat in his pocket but only for the lovely ladies to see!! I was an 80's "Material Girl", Hannah a black cat and Garrett a monkey!! We had lots of laughs bumping into family and friends. My Dad and Linda sent the kids the BEST HALLOWEEN TREAT EVER: Sonic cards!!! So we took them to eat at sonic before a night of trick-or-treating!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Itty Bittys

Amber & Lilly! I know how cute they are no need to brag. Ok go ahead! Love you guys, enjoy today!


You have asked so here it is pictures of my sweet babies!! Our 5 girls:Pinkie,Blinkie,Betty,Poxy & Curious. The one with his tail to ya is our baby rooster Big Red! They will start laying in December and we can't wait!! We also have to itty bitty babies, their names are Amber and Lilly. Sorry could not get a picture of them on here but will soon! When they start laying in March they will lay green or blue eggs!!
To those of you who are my chicken hatters, no names........Vicki & Juli, don't be asking me for any of our eggs!!! LOL
Have an EGGstra special day today!