Keeping up with the Stone's

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Twilght Series

Let me tell you if you have not read this series you should!! I have cried MANY times while reading these books. The first book in the series of 4 is Twlight. I read the complete book in a day and a half!!! My house suffered and so did my family! So with the next ones I vowed to limit myself to a chapter at bedtime! Well today I could not help myself I finished reading the last 10 chapters of the 3rd book Eclipse. And wanted to dive in the last Breaking Dawn. So I crash cleaned everything. Scrubbing toliets, mopping, dishes, dinner, everything I was supposed to do today!! It's almost one a.m. and I read the first 5 chapters. I am so in love with the people in this story!!! I have been balling my eyes out for about 15 minutes now. Yes the books are that good....I love them! If you have read them then you know what I mean. Although I will be getting back on the one chapter a night from here on out. I won't be able to make it through the day tomorrow!

Which one do you pull for: Edward or Jacob?? Myself I am like Bella. In love with them both. Jacob has let go of the thing he loves the most. but so did Edward. In order to save her. I do like what Jacob had to say about their "life" if there wher'nt "monsters" in it!!

Oh can you tell I am totally crazy about these books?!?!?!?! BTW the movie SUCKS!!! Don't waste your time!!

Good night everyone have a very BLESSED day tomorrow!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hello everyone well tonight is LOST night!! For those of you who don't know every Wednesday I visit my good friend Juli Garner and we watch LOST together. I know, and yes we are some kind of FREAKS about our LOST!!! Although we are gearing down I heard on GMA that there is only one season of LOST left! Some relief and sadness comes with that. I am sure we can find something else to do with our time though! Maybe we could build "school rooms" for each other!! LOL! Inside Joke! So for those of you who are crazies like us, look me up sometime and we can chat about LOST! Do you ever feel like you are LOST on LOST!! Well welcome to the club!

Have a wonderful LOST day!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Garden

Today when Terry got home from work, we worked in the garden. We planted a row of cucumbers. The kids are SOO excited about the garden. They both have their own gardens. Hannah could care less really. But Garrett LOVES his. Today he planted 3 new flowers that we bought yesterday. Just let me tell you his garden has EVERY kid of yellow weed we have around our yard. He has dug them up and planted them in his "garden". It's really cute though! The garden has blooms on the tomatoes and the squash has tiny little blooms and veggies. When GArrett seen them he was very excited!! "When can we eat them?" Oh yes we have had MANY talks about how you can only eat things that mom and dad grow and pick from their garden!! Man we don't want another summer like last year!!!! MAybe I can add some pictures of it soon! Good Night all!


I have been trying to cut corners to save a little MONEY lately. I love having new ideas of ways in which I can save some GREEN!! That said I would like you to all check out my friends blog I have been doing many of the things she recommends for well over a year now and have saved A LOT of GREEN!!

Our electric bill this past month was only $95. How you may ask?


1. We hang our clothes out to dry. Yes it does take a litlle longer, but it gets us outside more!

2. We cool our house with the Spring air! Open your window and turn on the fans! Also we heat our house with a wood burning stove in the winter. The wood is cut off our property! We have not made any final plans for summer yet, but I will let ya know when we do!

3. I turn ALL the lights off during the day. I have lots of window and it brings in lots of sunshine!

4. I use my gray water to water my flower gardens. We even have plans to recycle the rain water from the gutters for the gardens.

5. I recycle everything I can! Some things can even make you some money! Cans, Metals, batteries and ect...

There are some things I have not started yet, like a compost bin! I am looking into different options for this. If you have any suggestions please let me know!

One new thing I am trying is a thing called Free cycling. Have you ever heard of that??? Well I am sure you can check out your yahoo groups for a local group. So far it seems a great way to rid yourself of junk and maybe even get something you need in return!! Plus it keeps lots of good stuff from going into the trash.

Now that many of you are thinking "Who is this person?" Well I just like to save a BUCK or 2 when I can, and going GREEN in the process does not hurt anything either!

Something else I have learned stores like Brookshires give you a discount for bringing your our bags in!! Also IKEA charges for their plastic bags. I am making cloth napkins for us to use. My children are very messy and we go through about 2 rolls of paper towels a week. By making my own I can save MONEY and the waste we produce at the same time!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Just a little about Us!

Terry and I married August 5, 1994. Forever and a day ago!! We have lived in Emory the whole time. Starting in a rent house for the first year then moving to our house we built and live on now! Yes, lots of BLOOD, SWEAT, and TEARS have gone into building this little house ourselves. In March 2000 we had a little girl Hannah Shalyn, and in 2004 SUPRISE we had our little boy Garrett Otto. Both of our children were named after family members. Hannah's middle name being a combo of Terry Lynn & Shala. Garrett's middle name Otto was Terry's grandfathers middle name!

I plan to homeschool Garrett we have already had our first year of preschool behind us! We have a bigger preschool plan for this next year!! We attend a Co-op in Sulphur Springs and have made MANY new friends there! We are also members of the C.H.E.S.S group, Christian Homeschool Educators of Sulphur Springs.

Hannah has Autism and is in public school. She lives on the structure the school gives her, so I guess I will never be able to have her here with me. But she has had MANY acheivements this year!! First being that she has been on the all A honor roll every six weeks so far!! She is in the 3rd grade and spends about 90% of the day in special Ed. classes. The second thing, she was in the Special Olympics in Emory and won 2nd place in the 100 Meter Walk!!! WOW, we are so proud of her!

I know you may wonder why I named my blog "Keeping up with the Stone's". Well I know everyone wants to be like us!!!! Insert tons of laughs here!! Well then again why not? But on the serious side I just wanted to give a place that friends and family can go and check in on us. See what we have been doing or what's on my mind?